All field trip bookings can now be made through the Visitor Information Centre. There are limited places left, phone 67302400 to book yours.

Jewellery bookings can still be made online until day of the workshop.


Thursday 7 March

Field Trip 1: Oban
Expected to find quartz, topaz, sapphire and garnet.

Field Trip 2: Wellingrove
Expected to find sapphires and zircons.

Friday 8 March

Field Trip 3: Glen Elgin
Expected to find sapphire, zircon and quartz.

Field Trip 4: Kingsgate Station
Expect to find Crystals, Topaz, and agates, some small sapphires have been found at this site deep in the river. Relatively easy digging with sandy/granite soils and rocks.

Saturday 8 March

Field Trip 5: Glen Elgin Gold and Metal Detecting
With a lesson on how to get the most out of your detector. Gold nuggets to be won!

Field Trip 6: Reddestone Creek
his is a very family friendly field trip where you can find sapphires and zircons.

Field Trip 7: Crossmaglen
This field trip is hard work with lots of reward. Expected to find Sapphire and Zircon.

Due to the drought there may be changes to Minerama Field Trips.

At this stage all field trips will be going ahead however some may be dry fossicking. Others where it is not possible to dry fossick may need to be moved to another location or there will be water pumped on site to wash buckets of dirt.