Thursday 7 March

Field Trip 1: Oban

Expected to find quartz, topaz, sapphire and garnet.

Field Trip 2: Wellingrove

Expected to find sapphires and zircons.

Friday 8 March

Field Trip 3: Glen Elgin

Expected to find sapphire, zircon and quartz.

Field Trip 4: To be advised

Saturday 8 March

Field Trip 5: Glen Elgin Gold and Metal Detecting

With a lesson on how to get the most out of your detector. Gold nuggets to be won!

Field Trip 6: Reddestone Creek

This is a very family friendly field trip where you can find sapphires and zircons.

Field Trip 7: Crossmaglen

This field trip is hard work with lots of reward. Expected to find Sapphire and Zircon.