Gem Festival in Glen Innes Highlands

The Minerama Fossicking, Gem & Jewellery Show
12, 13 and 14 March 2021

The 2021 program details will be available closer to the event. For now check out our action packed program from 2020 to give you and idea of what Minerama has in store for you.


2020 Program

Welcome to Minerama 2020!

We are excited to a have a full program of outdoors adventure. Families, gem nuts and rock hounds will love our show, the largest of its kind in NSW. Here is some of what we have in store.

Minerama On Site

Gem Traders & Merchants
You’ll find one of the largest displays of gemstones and jewellery in one place at Minerama 2020.

Trading Hours

9:00 am to 5:00 pm Friday

9:00 am to 5:00 pm Saturday

9:00 am to 3:00 pm Sunday

Fossicking lessons at the showgrounds
Kids fossicking activity will be available on Showground site.

Cent auction Friday night BBQ
Friday night BBQ and Salad dinner and ‘one cent’ auction held at the Showground Bar Friday 13th March 2020.

Plenty to eat and drink in our Food Alley as well as coffee and drinks stalls scattered around the site.

Fossicking Field Trips

From all levels to advanced field trips, Minerama has a great day out planned for Fossikers during Minerama 2020. All field trips, descriptions, schedule, fees and bookings through our website.
Registration for pre purchased field trips will be inside the gates of the Bourke Street Showgrounds entrance
*Field trips may be cancelled due to weather or changed site conditions.

Workshops At Showgrounds

Visitors to Minerama can book a workshop at the Showgrounds. We have courses on basic silversmithing, gem wrapping and Viking knitting. Schedule, fees and bookings through our website.

Workshops At The Makers Shed

Visitors to Minerama can take their favourite gemstones and visit The Makers Shed, 123 Grey Street Glen Innes and take a full or half day silversmithing course with resident silversmith Richard Moon. In the Half Day course you will learn how to set into a simple sterling-silver pendant, guiding you through the cutting and soldering processes and setting your stone. In the Full Day course you will get across the entire silversmithing process and with Richard’s guidance, design your piece through cutting, soldering, heating, cold-connecting, fold forming, bezel-setting and polishing. Schedule, fees and bookings through our website.

UNE Discovery

Discovery Activity Outlines
Minerama 2020
Our team of scientists and science educators deliver exploratory, interactive and play-based activities, encouraging students to direct their own exploration and discovery. All of this for only $4.50 per student! We will be offering the following activities at Minerama for 2020:

1. Weighing Giants (Yr 5-10):
Open any book on dinosaurs, see their skeletons in the museum, and the first thing you notice is how BIG they were! Dinosaurs are well known for their enormous sizes, and indeed they include the largest animals ever to walk the earth. But how do we know how heavy they were? Dinosaurs have been extinct for a long time, and only their bones remain. So how can we possibly weigh them? This activity will combine palaeontology, math, physics and biology, using an age-old technique to estimate just how large these amazing animals once were! Body size has big implications for species survival, even today, and by studying the animals of the past, we can begin to make predictions about how environmental changes can impact them into the future.

2. Living Latin: make your own dinosaur (Yr K-10)
The ancient language of Latin is embedded in our everyday conversations more than you might realise. We use terms like “etc” (etcetera), “vice versa” and “ad hoc” without thinking of their origins. The classification of living and extinct organisms is largely built upon Latin binomials (“two names derived from Latin”). In this activity students are challenged to create and craft their own dinosaur, and give it a name based on the rules of Binomial Nomenclature. Play around with the story of your new species, and bring it to life with a backstory, personality and habits!

3. Rocking the Age of Earth (K-10)
Take a walk through the history of our ancient earth from its very beginnings up to the present day. Earth is around 4.5 billion years old and holds a lot of secrets that can be found in its rocks. Rocks on earth are like archives, or pages in a book that record past events. In this session you will be able to look and touch everything from meteorites, dinosaurs, gemstones and other cool igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks to give you an idea just how old it is and what life might have been like if we could time travel back to see it.

Minerama Dinner

The Minerama Dinner is a great night out for traders and visitors to celebrate over the weekend. Held at the Hereford Steakhouse Char Grill at Glen Innes on Saturday March 14th 2020 from 6:30pm. Tickets are $37.50 per person and this includes a 2 Course ‘Dinner & Dessert’ Buffet, entertainment by Christine Davis and guest speakers.

For bookings contact the Rest Point Motor Inn & Hereford Steakhouse Char Grill
Phone: (02) 6732 2255 email: [email protected] or in person 72 New England Highway Glen Innes NSW 2370

*tickets are non-refundable

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is entry?
Entry to Minerama is by Gold Coin Donation. Volunteers will be ready at gates to take your donation.

Will there be food available?
Yes! Minerama has many stall holders and a variety of food available from.

Where can I park?
There is limited parking via Torrington Street
Off street parking is available on Torrington, George, Bourke & Hunter Streets.
Pedestrian access is through the gates of Torrington and Bourke Streets.
Disabled parking is available through Bourke Street gates. All cars will be required to display a current ‘disabled parking’ pass at all times to access this service.

Can I bring my dog?
Minerama is a dog friendly venue, however no dogs will be permitted inside the pavilions. Owners are responsible for their dogs and must always be kept on a leash in public unless in an off-leash area, and please clean up after your pet.

Remember Minerama is an Non -Smoking event

Visit Emmaville Mining Museum

  • Just 30 minutes drive from Glen Innes to view the huge collection of gems and minerals plus mining memorabilia from days of old including Chinese tin mining history.
  • Open 10am – 4pm, closed Thursdays. $2 entry.
  • View the nationally renowned Curnow mineral collection plus the Jillet, Gilbey and Maskey Collections.
  • See over 300 photographs of mines and miners, Emmaville & local community.

The lure of the deep rich, royal blue sapphire – we’re part of the state’s most prolific sapphire region & the world’s richest mineral diversity belt…

Increasingly, fossickers are flocking to Glen Innes Highlands’ gemfields. You don’t need a licence, it’s simple, cheap & fun for the whole family with the opportunity to strike it rich.